What Others Have To Say About the Experience of Working With Me:

Ink Young’s expertise and approach are unique in the fitness industry because not only does she work with women of all ages, sizes and goals on a daily basis but she has mastered the art of helping others find their individualized fat loss formula. Ink understands it’s not just about diet and exercise, but also about the ability to *implement* those things, which is why her education focuses on behaviors and building willpower rather than the typical ‘comply or die’ messaging of the industry.
          – Jill Coleman, Owner, JillFit Physiques

“Ink Young is a coach full of compassion and kindness. Those traits, along with her real-life experience, give her a unique ability to coach everyday women and moms throughout the different phases of their lives. She coaches her clients every day on practical ways to be healthy and fit- even with their busy lives and hectic schedules. Ink is one of those coaches that is not only top-notch, but relatable as well.”

          – Jill Jacobs, HKC, ME-NC, ME-CPT
“Ink Young has undoubtedly played a vital role in my success as a figure competitor as well as an aspiring health and wellness specialist. Working with her has resulted in countless strategies for improving my training technique, increased confidence in my abilities as an athlete and a professional, and a newfound emphasis on my mental and emotional confidence. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her dedication to improving the lives of the clients she works with.” 
          – Callahan McBride, Fitness Professional
“I have personally known Ink for over ten years. She is excellent at building genuine relationships with her clients. Ink meets you right where you are and truly cares about your success. She has been a consistent support to me in my health journey, from teaching me how to make AMAZING turkey burgers (Yum! Yum! Yum!), to helping me find a healthy work out balance that fits my life style.
Because of the impact Ink had on my personal life, I asked her to speak for my team’s healthy living event. She shared practical, doable strategies, and information that was not only beneficial, but could easily be applied to daily living. Her teaching was clear and concise and the audience truly enjoyed learning from her.”
          – Angela Anderson, Public Educator & Health Advocate
“Ink Young was the Keynote Speaker for our Women In Sports Day.  Her message was very up to date and practical for the needs of young female athletes. I had the pleasure to also hear Ink speak on campus at one of our “Monday Soupers” which is an open lunch session for employees on an informational topic.  The response and attendance was overwhelming with people feeling most comfortable to ask questions about health and wellness during and after Ink’s presentation.
Ink Young is a very easy-going, approachable, high energy person that anyone would feel comfortable to talk with and work with. I would highly recommend Ink Young for a talk with any age group and also to take advantage of any program offered by Ink or her staff.”
          – Paula J. Scraba, OSF, Ph.D., CAPE, St. Bonaventure University

What Others Have To Say About the Experience of Working With Me In My Collaborations:

“I have witnessed first hand the leadership and coaching Ink and Jill have shown with their clients. All I can say is- Impressive. Every client I spoke to related how positively Ink and Jill had affected their lives. Over and over again, clients remarked how kind, supportive, and caring Ink and Jill are. They love the fact that Ink and Jill coach in tandem, are available and approachable.Collectively, Ink and Jill are a wealth of knowledge in health, fitness, and online business. Through their years of experience, they have a special way of communicating information easily and supporting their clients individually within a group. Their coaching is powerful. I have seen the results people have had from Ink and Jill’s programs to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and grow their online businesses. Anyone who decides to do one of their programs will benefit both personally and business-wise. I would hire Ink and Jill in a heart beat.”

          – Annick MagacAuthor, IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, NASM Certified   Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Designer
“Inkeri and Jill will allow you the opportunity to grow a business you can be proud of. They have the perfect mix of compassion and take action when it comes to coaching. You can expect to be taken care of, guided, and held accountable in order to level up in your business and your life. You are most definitely in good hands when it comes to this duo.”
         – Maryalice Goldsmith, Business Mentor
“Jill and Ink are two rock-star colleagues that know what it takes to succeed at taking your business online. They’ve helped me target my marketing and content creation toward my ideal client and helped to create a work schedule that I love. And best of all, they truly care about my success.”
        – Lori Musselman, Owner, Lori Musselman Fitness & ACSM Personal Trainer