Hey there, fabulous friend! Welcome to my internet home. Thanks a gazillion for dropping by—I’m beyond excited to connect with you!

Alright, let me introduce myself and share some fun stuff about me—this is the About- page after all. I’ve been in the health, education, and personal development scene for over two decades now. I’ve been trailblazing the way for some difference-making non-profit organizations and big higher education institutions in the U.S. I’ve led teams, both in person and remotely, and crafted amazing programs and campaigns that have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands!

Oh, and my education? I’ve got a B.A. in Communication, nailed that Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) degree, and right now, I’m on a wild adventure pursuing my Doctorate in Business Administration.

You know what’s even more fun? I’m a certified whiz in leadership, training, facilitation, well-being, and business. Always hungry for knowledge, I’ve gobbled up every certification and training in sight and love to share my knowledge.

Now, I’m not just your regular professional—I’m like the Swiss (or Finnish) Army knife of support and resources! Whether virtual or in-person, I’ve got your back, dreams, and goals covered!

But wait, there is more! I hope you dig some fun personal stuff about me:

First up, let’s talk what keeps me fueled for all the awesomeness. Coffee, tea, and any warm beverage that warms my soul.

Oh, and I’m all about local goodies, whenever possible—gotta support the community, right?

My house is like a sports haven, and my washing machine works as hard as I do—it’s an eternal sports season over here!

But my greatest love? My hubby of 20 years, Andy, our two amazing boys, and our pug, Lola. They light up my world!

And fashion? My mantra is: you can never have too many scarves, purses, or hats. #Truth

Sweatpants go with anything, and layers are not just necessity — they’re a whole vibe!

And here’s an important fun fact—I’m all about adventure! Wild at heart and armed with a passport, I’m always up for exploring the world. Traveling is my jam, and I thrive on unforgettable experiences and meeting new people. Saying YES to life is my motto!

But here’s what matters most—I truly believe in YOU! Each and every one of us has the power to do extraordinary things. When you commit to improvement, greatness is inevitable, and I’m here to witness and support your journey.

So let’s keep this connection going! Fill in your info below, and let’s embark on this journey together! My emails are packed with positivity, well-being, and business insights. You can also expect some random topics, but hey, they’re always written from the heart.





Positivity, Well-being, and Business Insights

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