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Ink Young’s expertise and approach are unique in the fitness industry because not only does she work with women of all ages, sizes and goals on a daily basis but she has mastered the art of helping others find their individualized fat loss formula. Ink understands it’s not just about diet and exercise, but also about the ability to *implement* those things, which is why her education focuses on behaviors and building willpower rather than the typical ‘comply or die’ messaging of the industry."

Jill Coleman

Owner, JillFit Physiques


“Ink Young is a coach full of compassion and kindness. Those traits, along with her real-life experience, give her a unique ability to coach everyday women and moms throughout the different phases of their lives. She coaches her clients every day on practical ways to be healthy and fit- even with their busy lives and hectic schedules. Ink is one of those coaches that is not only top-notch, but relatable as well.” 


Jill Jacobs

"Ink Young has undoubtedly played a vital role in my success as a figure competitor as well as an aspiring health and wellness specialist. Working with her has resulted in countless strategies for improving my training technique, increased confidence in my abilities as an athlete and a professional, and a newfound emphasis on my mental and emotional confidence. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her dedication to improving the lives of the clients she works with."

Callahan McBride
Fitness Professional

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